Alaskan Lynx

We carry a large inventory of tanned skins and hides suitable for skin sewers and collectors. These skins are graded on fur quality and color. Our Lynx are taxidermy-quality and are mountable.

We stock three grades of lynx:
$250.00 = 34" to 36" nose to base of tail, 1 ¼” ear tuffs, decent beard, and 3”-4” long belly hair.

$300.00= 37” to 39” nose to base of tail, 1 ¾” ear tuffs good beards, and 3”-4” long belly hairs.

$350.00=40” to 42” nose to base of tail, 2”+ ear tuffs, long beards, 3”-4” long belly hairs. The only thing that makes this grade is xxl jumbo males. We usually have a decent selection of these, but they are limited.