Alaskan Wolves

We carry a large inventory of tanned skins and hides suitable for skin sewers and collectors. These skins are graded on fur quality and color. These skins do not meet the criteria for the taxidermy trade.  For taxidermy grade furs, see our Taxidermy Handled Skins page

Wolves suitable for parka ruffs.

These are extra heavy pale underfur with black tipping guard hairs.

$350.00 to $550.00

Wolves suitable for collectors.

These are complete, heavy furs with minor imperfections not suitable for head mounts, but are a beautiful, complete skin, modestly priced.

$300.00 to $450.00

Wolves discounted.

These skins have considerable damage such as slips, major cuts, tears, or rubs. These skins are usually complete and suitable for garment, craft, and throw piece use.

$200.00 to $300.00